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World Atlas and Maps Links

  1. Gheos World Atlas  - features maps of countries, dependencies, oceans, polar areas, appendixes, and environment.
  2. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection  - online access to maps covering every area of the world.
  3. Planet Observer  - provides earth satellite pictures and images, real time planet navigation, and information on image processing and different types of existing satellites.
  4. Arno Peters Projection of the World Map - provides the history as well as general information about the map developed in 1974 to give a size accurate portrayal of the world.
  5. Atlapedia - contains physical and political maps, plus facts and statistics on the countries of the world.
  6. Maps in the News - maps of places in the news.
  7. Multi-Lingual Atlas - map of Europe with country names translated into various languages.
  8. National Geographic Map Machine - downloadable political and physical maps, country facts, and other geographical resources.
  9. National Geographic: Wild World - charting Earth's diverse ecoregions characterized by distinct climates and plant and animal communities. With profiles, photos, and multimedia features.
  10. One Degree Land Cover Map Derived From AVHRR Data - phenological differences among vegetation types, reflected in temporal variations in NDVI derived from satellite data, have been used to classify land cover at continental scales.
  11. PALEOMAP Project - view the Earth in paleogeographic maps as it has changed through time as a result of plate tectonics and continental drift.
  12. Quick Maps of the World - small GIF maps of the countries of the world.
  13. ReliefWeb Map Centre - includes unique maps reflecting humanitarian emergency situations, actors, and resources worldwide.
  14. This Dynamic Planet - links to PDF document showing the Earth's physiographic features, current movements of major tectonic plates, and locations of volcanoes, earthquakes, and impact craters.
  15. United Nations Cartographic Section - digitally-prepared, current maps available for reference and download, including general world and peacekeeping mission maps.
  16. World Atlas of Biodiversity - interactive map illustrating the biodiversity of the Earth's terrestrial, marine, and freshwater environments.
  17. World Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.
  18. World Sites Atlas - features a collection of maps, points of interest, and general tourist information.
  19. Worldtime - information on local time and sunrise and sunset times in several hundred cities, and a database of public holidays worldwide.