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World Weather Forecast News Links

  1. INTELLiCast  - worldwide weather information including radar and satellite imagery. Also contains the allergy alert forecasting pollen conditions for cities throughout the U.S.
  2. USA Today: Weather  - features weather forecasts, news, and maps.
  3. Weather Channel, The  - provides weather information for locations worldwide that helps users plan for everyday life.
  4. - including radar images, satellite images, and 5-day forecasts for around the world and U.S. locations.
  5. Agricultural Weather - provides weather and related information for America's farmers.
  6. America Weather - weather maps and forecasts for United States, Canadian, and international cities.
  7. America's Weather - offers forecasts and current conditions for U.S. cities.
  8. AWS - generates true up-to-the-second real time weather data from locations throughout the world.
  9. AWS WeatherBug - free software which brings live, local weather data to your desktop.
  10. - contains weather-related closings, school cancellations, and delays for organizations and businesses and offers email posting services.
  11. CBC Weather - provides weather forecasts for Canada and cities worldwide, in-depth reports, satellite images, and more.
  12. - links to regional weather sites, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Marine, Arctic and Antarctic weather.
  13. Weather - provides access to four-day weather forecasts for cities worldwide and coverage of the world's top weather stories.
  14. EarthWatch Weather on Demand - 3D weather site that offers continuously updated satellite, radar, forecasts, and fly-throughs along with StormWatch advisories, watches, and warnings.
  15. Extreme Weather Sourcebook - includes economic and other societal impacts related to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, lightning, and other U.S. weather phenomena.
  16. ITV Weather - provides the latest national and regional weather forecasts for the U.K., sports weather, and 5-day European forecasts.
  17. Marine Weather dot Com - marine weather forecasts, maps, images, and links.
  18. My-Cast - provides neighborhood level forecasts as well as severe weather information and satellite/radar imagery.
  19. MyForecast - offering global forecasts as well as severe weather alerts, ski reports, marine conditions, and more.
  20. National Weather Service - providing current official weather warnings, observations, and forecasts.
  21. - provides global weather reports including snow data and alerts, freezing levels, rainfall, and surface temperatures.
  22. TV Weather Dot Com - offers forecasts for anywhere in the United States.
  23. UM Weather's Weather Maps - provides accesss to over two dozen surface, upper air, temperature, and computer model maps from around North America.
  24. UN World Weather Information Service - presents official weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities supplied by national meteorological services worldwide.
  25. United States Climate Page - easy-to-use map interface to climatologies (temperature, rain, and snow) for cities throughout the United States,
  26. USWX - general U.S. weather site, providing NWS forecasts, graphics, and severe weather info for localities in the United States.
  27. Washington Post Weather - forecasts for cities all over the world. Weather images, historical data, and more.
  28. Weather by E-mail
  29. Weather for You - offers independent stations, email reports, current conditions, weather computer, and more.
  30. Weather Today - forecasts for 1000s of cities in the U.S. and around the world. Also features weather-related news.
  31. Weather Underground - includes current and historical weather conditions, detailed forecasts, and severe weather advisories.
  32. WeatherCast - free software that shows current local temperature in the system tray and 5 and 48-hour forecasts.
  33. WeatherClosings - posts school closings, baseball and soccer rainouts, and other weather disruptions.
  34. - with local radars, weather maps, forecasts, warnings, and satellite images from all 50 U.S. States.
  35. WeatherPixie, The - little graphic that shows a representation of the weather using data reported (mostly) by airports and aerodromes around the world.
  36. Wild Weather - includes updates on severe weather around the world, links, and features such as meteorologist of the month.
  37. WxUSA - information for thousands of U.S. cities.
  38. Yahoo! Weather - current conditions and forecasts.
  39. Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology - integrates the meteorological services and supporting research activities of the 14 Federal agencies with meteorological programs.
  40. United States Voluntary Observing Ship Program Port Meteorological Officers - the VOS program obtains weather and oceanographic observations from moving ships.
  41. International Activities Office - negotiates in the international arena to improve meteorological data collection and technologies.
  42. Internet Weather Source - gateway to National Weather Service official warnings and forecasts.
  43. Forecasts for US Oceans and Lakes - high seas, coastal, inland, and offshore marine forecasts.
  44. Industrial Meteorology - responsible for the planning and development of efficient and effective external relations programs and policies related to NOAA commercial weather support.
  45. IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library - wide variety of earth science data, primarily oceanographic and atmospheric datasets.
  46. Weatherbase - source for finding monthly weather records and averages worldwide. Searchable by city, state, country, or ZIP code.
  47. World Climate - find out what the weather is normally like for places worldwide -- get temperature averages, precipitation, and other climate data.