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Baby Names Information

  1. - offers links to resources for chosing baby names, finding name origins, and software for naming babies.
  2. ABC Baby Names - index of baby names, plus naming tips.
  3. - offers a list of the most popular baby girl and boy names and their meanings.
  4. Alfabette Zoope - includes multi-cultural and unusual names.
  5. American Baby: Baby Names - features baby name traits, name style quiz, baby-naming tips, and most popular names.
  6. Baby Name Center - search for names by meaning, popularity, and origin, or choose from biblical, Shakespearean, unique, and popular lists. Also offers pregnancy resources.
  7. Baby Name Origins - origins and meanings of baby names from around the world.
  8. Baby Names and Meanings - includes meanings for boys first names, girls first names, and surnames.
  9. Baby Names Directory - database of names, along with their origin and meanings.
  10. Baby Names Etc. - origins of various baby names, their meanings, facts, and other info.
  11. Baby Names Plus - features boy's and girl's baby names with meanings and origins.
  12. Baby Names World - offers a database of baby names searchable by origin.
  13. Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - satirical primer on parent cruelty.
  14. BabyCenter - Baby Name Finder - names sorted by sex, ethnic origin, and number of syllables.
  15. BabyChatter - baby names, coupons, and free stuff.
  16. - includes baby names along with their meaning and origin.
  17. - searchable database of names, includes meanings, lists by category, popularity rankings, people's impressions of the names, and more.
  18. - baby names and meanings, popularity lists, soap names, and more.
  19. BabyZone's Baby Names - includes names from around the world, logical names for twins, popular names by year, celebrity, and cool name list.
  20. Beautiful Muslim Names and Meanings - fully searchable index of Muslim names with meanings, including Arabic, Persian, and some Turkish names.
  21. Bunch of Wonderful Baby Names
  22. Celebrity Baby Name Index
  23. Cool Baby Names - includes searchable names list with meanings and popular categories. Also offers baby naming service.
  24. Eponym - links to name repositories and rankings all over the world, plus naming hints and more.
  25. First Names and What They Mean
  26. French Baby Names - offers ideas or French baby names and meanings.
  27. Hawaiian Baby Names - enter an English name and find a Hawaiian name for your keiki (child).
  28. Hints for Baby Naming - including honoring family members, settling arguments with family members, combining words for new names, etc.
  29. Hong Kong Monikers - popular names for children in Hong Kong.
  30. India a2z - includes search engine for Indian names.
  31. Indian Baby Names - Indian names and their meanings, including Hindu, Jain And Sikh names.
  32. Iranian Names - list of Iranian names for girls and boys, along with their meanings.
  33. Irish Names - tells you what the name means, how to pronounce it, other spellings, and the English equivalent.
  34. Jellinek's Random Baby Name Chooser - use this simple resource to pick a girl or boys name at random. About 10,000 names available.
  35. Mike's Page of Baby Names - thousands of baby names in both popularity and alphabetical order, from 1930 to the present.
  36. Muslim Names and Meanings - includes list of searchable muslim baby names, and also 99 names of Allah, names of the Prophet, discussion forum, and advice.
  37. Name & Meanings Search Engine - database includes origins of names and the most popular ones for each decade.
  38. Name Machine, The - offers a tool to analyze baby boy and girl names in the United States over the past 100 years, identifying names that are popular or unusual.
  39. Oxygen: Babynamer - gives suggestions for baby names, including a boy and girl List of the Day.
  40. - Baby Names - the meanings of names and choices by origin.
  41. The BabyNamer
  42. Parents' Guide to Choosing Baby Names - includes current popular names for boys and girls, naming tips, names to avoid, and more.
  43. Persian Names - offers a list of Iranian names with meanings.
  44. - database of baby names from major religions and regions.
  45. Proposed Surname Convention - suggests that sons should inherit their surnames from their fathers and that daughters should inherit their surnames from their mothers.
  46. Rebecca's Baby Name Site - features polls, message board, name suggestions page, and more.
  47. Pdom: Spanish Baby Names - includes last names and surnames.
  48. Spanish Baby Names and Meanings - for girls and boys.
  49. Popular Baby Names - archived lists of given names in popularity order by gender and year of birth from the Social Security Administration.
  50. - offers information and tips for pregnancy and baby care, including names, newborn care, infant checklist, baby shower games and etiquette, gift registry, and more.
  51. Thai Baby Name - offers Pumitaksa guide in choosing appropriate name for the Thai baby. Also includes the sign of Zodiac and more. In Thai.
  52. - offers a database of unique baby names for boys and girls.
  53. Utah Baby Namer - online help for parents looking for that distinctive name that says "I'm a Utah Mormon!"
  54. We Can't Think of a - lists name suggestions for dogs, cats, horses, and babies.
  55. What's in a Baby Name - uses the mathematical principle as taught in the Kabalarian philosophy to describe baby names.
  56. - offers a searchable database of names with meanings.
  57. Quick Baby Site - offers a database of baby names and meanings as well as baby shower game suggestions.
  58. Help us Name Our Baby Please - asks for suggestions on how to call their baby.
  59. Help! We Need a Name for Our Baby!
  60. Name My Babies - help choose names for twins due in February.
  61. Name Our Baby - due on August 13th, 2002.
  62. Name ThatKid - be creative. Be mundane. They're open to almost anything.
  63. We need a baby name
  64. - source for baby names of Tamil origin.
  65. - includes world's cutest babies, pregnancy resources, nursery rhymes, and more.
  66. India a2z - includes search engine for Indian names.
  67. Indian Baby Names - Indian names and their meanings, including Hindu, Jain And Sikh names.
  68. - offers a searchable database of names with meanings.