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Birth Control Information

  1. alt.contraceptives on the WWW - provides information partly drawn from the usenet group of the same name, about the reliablity and side-effects of various contraceptive methods, myths, international contact information, and more.
  2. Birth Control Basics e-Guide - offers information about family planning, birth control, safe sex, diseases, and modern contraceptive methods.
  3. Birth Control Methods - general information, including a link to an easy to read version, from the National Women's Health Information Center.
  4. Choosing a Contraceptive - designed to help you choose the birth control method that's best for you and your lifestyle.
  5. Contraception Online - educational resources for OB/GYN professionals on reproductive health and family planning including emergency and oral contraception, IUDs, depo provera, tubal ligation, perimenopause, and estrogen.
  6. - information on the birth control pill, IUDs, and other forms of contraception.
  7. Contraceptive Effectiveness Table
  8. Contraceptive Guide - guide to contraception. Created and maintained by Mary Jane Bovo, M.D.
  9. Epigee Birth Control Guide - guide to birth control methods, with info on STDs, reproductive health, and contraceptive research.
  10. Family Planning - information service by the Family Planning Council.
  11. FamilyPlanet - International Family Planning - explores the link between family planning, environment, maternal, and child health.
  12. Female Life - offers guide to women's health, contraceptives, and reproductive health information.
  13. Femalelife - provides information on sexuality and contraception. From Schering.
  14. Male Contraception Information Project - argues for male contraception, with papers and hints.
  15. Male - information about male contraception including common myths, current research, clinical trials, activism, and links.
  16. MEDLINEplus: Birth Control/Contraception - provides links to news stories and informational sites.
  17. - provides information on international family planning, population, reproductive health, and the environment.
  18. Planned Parenthood: Birth Control - contains information about various methods of contraception.
  19. Protecting Against Unintended Pregnancy: A Guide to Contraceptive Choices - from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  20. Roundup of Birth Control Options
  21. Successful Contraception - interactive program to help you choose the birth control method that's right for you.
  22. The Morning-After Pill - article by Tamar Love discussing the morning after pill, including its history and how it works.
  23. Back Up Your Birth Control - campaign for backing up birth control with emergency contraception. Includes information about EC and how to get involved in the campaign.
  24. Consortium for Emergency Contraception - information about emergency contraception, links to resources and and archive of newsletters.
  25. Emergency Birth Control - includes facts and frequently asked questions about EBC.
  26. Emergency Contraception - information about the 'morning after pill' and methods of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. From the Office of Population Research at Princeton University.
  27. Morning After Pill, The - offers information on the morning after pill, including news and medical statements. From the American Bioethics Advisory Commission a divison of the American Life League.
  28. Online NewsHour Forum: Emergency Birth Control - should 'morning after' pills be available without a prescription?
  29. Planned Parenthood Emergency Contraception Page - information and links on the morning after pill.
  30. Plan B (Levonorgestrel) - emergency contraception medication. Includes information for health care providers and women.
  31. Preven - emergency contraceptive.
  32. Appropriate Use of the Intrauterine Device - published December 1998 in American Academy of Family Physicians. Discusses IUD costs, mechanisms of action, patient selection, insertion/removal, contraindications, and more.
  33. Intrauterine Device as Method of Contraception - study by Dr. Rosca Augustin of the University Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Includes history of the contraceptive.
  34. Understanding IUDs - Planned Parenthood presents information on this widely used method of reversible birth control for women.
  35. Babycomp and Ladycomp - electronic device for birth control and family planning.
  36. Bioself - manufacturers of an electronic device that determines the infertile and fertile periods in a woman's cycle for family planning.
  37. Fem-Choice - offers tracking software.
  38. Global Health Options - offers health tips, sexually transmitted diseases information, and contraceptive products.
  39. Valley Electronics - offers pocket computer to predict fertile days by temperature measurement.
  40. American Experience: The Pill - PBS show taking a close look at the importance and significance of birth control tablets in the USA since 1960.
  41. Birth Control Pill: The Downside of John Rock's Invention - article about the research focusing on the 28-day cycle of the Pill. From the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  42. CBC News: The Pill - in-depth look at the contraceptive pill. Features the history, chemistry, opinion pieces, archived articles, background, message board, and more.
  43. Cover My Pills: Fair Access to Contraception Project - offers information, strategies, and resources for getting private health insurance plans to include coverage for contraceptives.
  44. John Rock's Error - article by Malcom Gladwell discussing Rock's beliefs and the 28-day cycle of the Pill, Beverly Strassmann's findings about menstruation, and Pike's breast cancer research and GnRHA.
  45. John Rock's Error - critique of the New Yorker magazine article espousing the idea that breast cancer and other women's health problems are due to women having too many menstrual cycles.
  46. Oral Contraceptives - from the U.O. Student Health Center.
  47. The Pill: 30 Years of Safety Concerns - from the FDA.
  48. You and the Pill - information about birth control pills from Planned Parenthood.
  49. Guide to Love and Sex - sponsored by Carter-Wallace, the Trojan people.
  50. How To Use A Condom [] - illustrated step by step guide.
  51. Planned Parenthood - Condom Guide - information about correct condom use and a wide variety of resources on sexual health.
  52. Condoms - collection of documents about condoms on the net. Includes step by step instructions for use.
  53. Secret War on Condoms, The - New York Times editorial by Nicholas D. Kristof critical of the Bush Administration's stance on condom use.
  54. Sheath File - the world's largest collection of synonyms for condom.
  55. Sheepgut Condoms - directions on making condoms circa 1824.
  56. 1st Morning After Pill 4 Birth Control - offers the morning after pill.
  57. 2 Buy Birth Control Pills Ortho Tri-Cyclen Online - offers online ordering and information about usage and side effects.
  58. Alesse - from Wyeth-Ayerst. Includes information on the benefits of oral contraceptives.
  59. - sells FDA approved prescription contraceptives.
  60. Because the Moment Matters - provides information about the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, Mirena, as well as tips for increasing intimacy provided by relationship expert Dr. Judith Sherven.
  61. Birth Control Pills - sells Ortho Tricyclen online.
  62. Birth Control Pills Online - online ordering and prescriptions for Estradiol, Triphasil, Climara, Ovral, and Nordet.
  63. Birth Control Pills Online - Ortho Tri Cyclen - offering ortho tri cyclen prescriptions online.
  64. Birthcontrol Communications, Inc. - sells birth control and family planning products.
  65. - offers birth control and related health products.
  66. Blairex Laboratories - products include diuretics, sleep aids, and sterile saline solutions for nasal dryness, contact lenses, and bronchodilator dilution.
  67. Cervical Cap Limited - U.S. distributor of the Prentif Cavity-Rim Cervical Cap.
  68. Conceptus - developing, manufacturing and marketing products like Stop that offer non-surgical permanent contraception for women.
  69. - offering private, home delivery of Today contraceptive sponges.
  70. Diane-35 Acne Birth Control Pills - sells Diane-35 birth control medication online.
  71. Estrostep - birth control pill that clears up skin.
  72. FemCap - non-hormonal latex-free birth control method.
  73. - offering online prescriptions for emergency contraception (the morning after pill) and birth control pills.
  74. Gracial - offers contraceptive pills for acne free skin.
  75. Lunelle - from Pharmacia. Injectable monthly birth control.
  76. Mircette - has a unique dosing schedule. Instead of seven inactive pills at the end of the cycle pack, it has two green inactive pills followed by five yellow pills that contain estrogen.
  77. Mirena - levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system that offers a method of contraception that lasts up to five years or until removed.
  78. NuvaRing (Etonogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol) - monthly self-administered combined contraceptive vaginal ring used to prevent pregnancy. By Organon.
  79. Order Ortho Tri-Cyclen Buy Birth Control Pills Online - sells Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control medication online after an online consultation.
  80. Ortho Evra - once-a-week birth control patch from Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical.
  81. Ortho Tri-Cyclen - from Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical. Birth control pill and skin treatment.
  82. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo - method of oral contraception containing lower estrogen that improves cycle control with a favorable side effect profile.
  83. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Online - offering birth control and answers to frequently asked questions.
  84. Ortho Women's Health - offers birth control resources for women.
  85. Oves Contraceptive Cap - a silicone contraceptive cap.
  86. Prevention Plus - offers contraceptive products including vaginal contraceptive film.
  87. Seasonale - extended-cycle birth control pills that give women only four periods a year.
  88. SmartWoman Rx - provides mail order, brand name birth control pills.
  89. Today Sponge - information about the contraceptive sponge from Allendale Pharmaceuticals.
  90. Wear Condoms.Com - order condoms and lubricants, as well as pregnancy and home HIV/AIDS test kits online.
  91. Yasmin Birth Control Pill - offers online ordering and prescriptions for Yasmin birth control medication.



  1. 123 Go! the Sampson Store - online condom shop offering a variety of Japanese "Ninki" products, gift wrapping, and worldwide delivery.
  2. - also offers flavored choices, lubricants, and massage oils.
  3. 3 Free Condoms UK - sells discreetly packaged, brand name condoms. Includes how to use section.
  4. 65-20 - offers brand name condoms at low volume discount prices.
  5. Affordable - offers low prices and same-day shipping on brand-name condoms and lubricants.
  6. Allcondoms - sells name brand condoms and lubricants.
  7. Aspen Supply - offers discrete ordering and delivery.
  8. B-Free Condoms - sells condoms in bulk and provides information on condom use for preventing pregnancy and the spread of STD's.
  9. Birth Control Condoms - offers condoms and lubricants. Brands include Durex, Trojan, Kimono, and Lloyds of Portsmouth.
  10. - offers a variety of condoms, contraceptives, pregnancy tests, lubricants, information, and more.
  11. Condom Ave  - online sales of name brand condoms, lubricants, and other over-the-counter products.
  12. Condom Club - offers brand name condoms and a FAQ section.
  13. Condom Club International - buy and sample a large variety of premium brand condoms, novelty condoms and personal lubricants. All shipped to you automatically each month.
  14. Condom Collectibles - offering a range of novelty condoms.
  15. Condom Country - offers condoms, lubricants, vibrators, books, videos, and toys.
  16. Condom Factory - selling condom earrings, hand-painted condoms, limited editions, and more.
  17. Condom Kiosk - offers a large selection of condoms online with free shipping and discreet delivery.
  18. Condom Nation
  19. Condom Rose, The - bouquets of roses made from condoms.
  20. Condom Store - sells condoms online.
  21. - offering brand name condoms and lubricants.
  22. Condomania - features over 100 condoms fully inflated, gifts, novelties, massage oils, safer sex and AIDS info, and an interactive condom search guide to find the perfect condom.
  23. - retailer of brand name condoms.
  24. CondomOrders Australia - stocking a large range of condoms, personal lubricants, edible body sauces, and massage oils.
  25. Condoms 4 U Online Condoms Store - sells name brand condoms.
  26. Condoms Canada - offering condoms individually and in bulk.
  27. Condoms Express - offers brand name and novelty condoms and personal lubricants.
  28. Condoms2u - offers a wide variety of condom and lubricant products.
  29. - sells brand name condoms.
  30. CondomUSA - delivers condoms directly and confidentially.
  31. Contempto Latex Condoms - ships all packages directly to your door in a plain box.
  32. Doctor Condoms - offering a selection of plain, textured, and flavored condoms and dental dams. Includes prices and ordering information.
  33. - allows users to get condoms, lubrication, and more at zero cost, shipped right to their door.
  34. Innocence Marketing - condoms, lubes, and information on safer sex.
  35. J.S.M. Markopoulos Co. - makers of the Again brand of latex condoms.
  36. - offers brand name condoms and discreet shipping.
  37. Mails Direct - offers condoms that are made in the U.S.
  38. New England Import Company - offering Simplex brand condoms including free samples. Wholesale, bulk, and custom orders welcome.
  39. Online Condom Store - provides medical contraceptive condoms and discrete delivery. Site includes resources.
  40. - sells various brands, flavors, and textures.
  41. Professional Products Company - wholesale supplier of disposable gloves and apparel including gowns, caps, shoe covers, and coveralls. Also offers bulk and retail condoms.
  42. - offers condoms, lubricants, home tests, and safe-sex tips.
  43. Rip n Roll Inc. - dedicated to the promotion of sexual safety through education, guidance, and hundreds of products.
  44. Rubber Rainbow Condom Company - offering a variety of condoms, lubricants, and kama sutra massage products.
  45. Rubber Tree - offers all brands of condoms, lubes, non-prescription contraceptives, safe sex supplies, and more.
  46. Safe Dreams - condoms from a woman's perspective.
  47. Safe Sense - name-brand condoms and lubricants with secure ordering and discreet delivery.
  48. - features a variety of brand name condoms.
  49. - online retail store for sale of name brand condoms, lubricants, and kama sutra products.
  50. SpicyGear's Condoms Store - offers brand name condoms and lubes.
  51. Unlimited Condoms Club - find a condom that fits your needs and have it delivered to your door.
  52. World's Best
  53. Xiexieni - online condom shop specializing in imports from Japan. Delivery available in Hong Kong.
  54. Y2K Safe Sex - sells and delivers condoms. Also offers a discussion page and Y2K links.