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Ladies Fashion News

  1. Firstview - photo galleries of fashion and recent collections by designers worldwide. Fee required to view current season's collections; archives are free.
  2. CJLutz Fashion WWWeb Page with Hearts
  3. Fashion Beauty Index - brand name information and resources for professionals.
  4. trendhunt - offers a variety of links to fashion related sites.
  5. Fashion Guide - fashion news from the World News Network.
  6. Fashion Icon - fashion news, shopping, artist spotlight, and more.
  7. Fashion Television - includes galleries, profiles, an episode guide, and more.
  8. Fashion TV - broadcasts fashion clips all day via satellite and cable.
  9. Fashion Windows - fashion through the eyes of a visual merchandiser. Includes features on store windows, fashion designers, and mannequins.
  10. - showcases latest styles, buying trends, and what's hot in clothing.
  11. Full Frontal Fashion (FFF) - from MetroTV.
  12. Main Floor - beauty and fashion entertainment television, hosted by former model Nancy Stafford.
  13. - news and resources for the modeling industry.
  14. New York Times: Fashion & Style - offers feature articles, fashion specials, readers' opinions, and more.
  15. Off The Rails - calling all fashion fruits and style nuts.
  16. - offering urban wear tagged with unique IDs correlating to a skim email address.
  17. Style with Elsa Klensch - covers the world of fashion and design. From CNN.
  18. - offers beauty information, advice, how-to's, product picks, fun tools, quizzes, celebrity beauty secrets, and more that address makeover, hair, skin, make-up, body, and nailcare concerns.
  19. 24 seven online - online community for the fashion, home, and beauty industry offering searchable job listings and resumes, chat, and industry news.
  20. Adeline's Colored Contact Lenses Insight - information about the fashion of colored and special effect contact lenses.
  21. Angel of Fashion Award & The Fashion on the Web Official Directory - selects and lists outstanding fashion sites based on superior content and design.
  22. Art on the Edge of Fashion - 1997 exhibition presenting contemporary art utilizing the highly readable visual language of clothing and fashion.
  23. Beauty Check - results of a long-term German research project that examined the causes and consequences of human facial attractiveness. Includes numerous visual examples of attractive vs. average faces.
  24. Beauty - provides informative articles on aspects of fashion, cosmetics, hairstyles, and more.
  25. Chic Simple - series of books with a philosophy dedicated to living well but sensibly. Includes chic hints, questions, and profiles of authors Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone.
  26. Chinese Cheongsam - traditional Chinese apparel for women also known as qipao.
  27. Costume Image Database - searchable index of selected images used in the study of fashion and costume.
  28. Cufflinks and Bow Ties - offers information on cufflinks, bow ties, neck ties, and formal vests.
  29. - fashion resource for girls with tips, ideas, and stories.
  30. Dream Wardrobe - created to show what would be a dream wardrobe.
  31. Experience Fashion - features women's fashion collections and brands.
  32. Explore Cornell: The 3D Body Scanner - Cornell researchers use a 3D body scanner to study the complex problems of clothing design and fit.
  33. - offers news, galleries, film fashions, model information and pictures, fashion photography, and more.
  34. For the Love of Opera Gloves - includes galleries, historical information, and commentary for lovers, collectors, and students of the opera glove.
  35. Gallery of Ill-Fitting Pants - follows Mall Rat on her perilous journey to find the perfect pair of jean.
  36. - gateway for fashion and web arts culture.
  37. Girl-on-the-Street - creative consulting, trend spotting, and original content.
  38. IceJoan's Skating Fashion Review - the good, the bad, and the ugly of fashion on ice.
  39. International Mens Fashion Freedom Network (IMFF) - aimed at those men who see the comfort and style that exists outside of trousers and shorts and want some of it for themselves.
  40. Japanese Streets - exclusive shots of Japan's trendy street fashion.
  41. - features job board and resume bank catering to the fashion, beauty, and apparel industries.
  42. Joel's Salon - sensual salon for women 18 and over, hosted by former male exotic dancer who answers questions on beauty, romance, and female sexuality.
  43. Label Talk - guide to the FTC approved apparel care symbols and the issues and changes in the Federal Trade Commission Care Label Rule.
  44. Ladies' Home Journal: Beauty & Fashion - features hairstyles, makeup, skin, nails, beauty guide, fashion, quizzes, and more.
  45. Leah Feldon - style expert offers valuable fashion advice, tips on finding good buys, and style alerts that provide the lowdown on the latest trends.
  46. Lucire - global fashion magazine with an Australia and New Zealand flavour.
  47. - forum where mesh caps of all colors and creeds are proudly documented.
  48. Moda Italia Net - covering fashion in Italy and beyond.
  49. Moda Turkiye - Turkish fashion portal with beauty tips, catwalk news, trend guides, and more. In Turkish.
  50. - shopping and fashion community for women who wear sizes 12 and above.
  51. Ortho Evra Everywoman Fashion Show - in partnership with the Esteemed Woman Foundation, the show will celebrate the individual style and inner beauty of real women chosen to model in 2003 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September.
  52. Present at the Creation: Overalls - March 2002 NPR feature on the origins and evolution of the clothing initially known as "slops."
  53. Soap Review Page - evaluating various brands of hand-soap.
  54. SoWear Fashion Collective - where emerging talents in fashion connect, collaborate, and create.
  55. Streetwear Everywhere - features streetwear and new fashion from around the world in photos and videos.
  56. - W and Vogue magazines team up to provide fashion show coverage, trend reports, and the lowdown on celebrity style.
  57. StylePhyle - tips on dressing well, packing effectively for trips, caring for shoes and clothing, and other clothing and accessories advice.
  58. T-Shirts Newsgroup - discuss T-shirts, screen printing, and the apparel industry.
  59. Urban Fashion Network - network of resources for the fashion industry.
  60. Virtual Runway - presenting the latest haute couture and ready to wear fashion videos and images, plus designersı profiles, for the fashion conscious consumer.
  61. Catwalk
  62. - information and resources for aspiring models.
  63. GlamourCon - a celebration and marketplace of pin-up art and glamour past, present, and future.
  64. Insider's Guide to Supermodels and Modeling, The - provides tips and reference information for beginner and professional models.
  65. Modeling Advice - providing information and advice including what it takes, how to find work, working the camera, modeling scams, and more.
  66. Modeling Industry News Headlines - links to news stories about the world of modeling.
  67. Modeling Scams - tips to avoid becoming a victim of modeling scams.
  68. - featuring an online male model search contest, interviews, advice and forums.
  69. Modelspring - offers advice and trade secrets for amateur and professional models.
  70. Tear Sheet - publication dedicated to the modeling industry.
  72. Anatomique - a fashion, style, design, and beauty information site featuring Paris fashion shows and events coverage. Also sells men's, women's, and children's clothing and accessories.
  73. - offers online broadcasting of fashion shows and current collections. Includes features, fashion news, hot jobs, upcoming events, and more.
  74. GDS International Shoe Fair - provides exhibitor and product information for the shoe fashion event taking place twice a year in the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.
  75. RAND·M - fashion show event and production agency.
  76. Sobol Fashion Productions - full service fashion show and special event production company.
  77. Designer Sandals - features photos and articles on women's sandals made by famous designers.
  78. Discount Shoes and Shoe Stores Online Guide - provides information on shopping for shoes.
  79. Funky Shoe Queen - gallery of her feet in funky shoes.
  80. - resource for in-depth reviews of name-brand sneakers, with an emphasis on basketball.
  81. Platform Diva - explore the history of the platform shoe through the 1600s, the 1930s, the 1970s, and the 1990s.
  82. Tribute to Cowboy Boots - for folks who make, wear, and admire them. Provides photos, history, legends and lore, poems, directories of bootmaking schools, retailers, dealers, designers, and more.
  83. Ask Ariane - makeup and beauty advice, product reviews, celebrity get the look, top tips, and more.
  84. Ask the Makeup Diva - a weekly beauty and makeup advice column with answers to questions about skin care, hair care and body products.
  85. Backstage Beauty - behind-the-scenes look at what's hot in beauty. Includes product review, message boards, directory, and more.
  86. Barefoot Lass's Hints & Tips - offers home remedies and tips for stain removal, cooking, beauty, and the home.
  87. - independent guide to men's fragrance and grooming. Directory, community, articles, and more.
  88. Beautiful Makeup Search - allows users to post reviews about skin, hair, and nail products.
  89. Beauty & Makeup Tips - advice on skin care, hair, nails, and beauty products.
  90. Beauty Buzz - featuring a chat room, bulletin board, swap page, and reviews of various cosmetics, skin care, and body care products.
  91. Beauty Guru - includes information about make-up trends, product reviews, site reviews, and shopping advice.
  92. Cosmetics and Skincare: Bella Online - product reviews and makeup advice on everything from lipstick to foundation. Check out the feature articles updated weekly, a message board, and live chat.
  93. Fragrance Foundation, The - develops educational programs about the importance and pleasures of fragrance. A source for historic, cultural, scientific and industry related reference materials.
  94. - makeovers, samples, and recipes for homemade beauty products.
  95. Get Pro-filed - answer questions to receive free beauty products.
  96. Goo4Swap - trade, swap, and talk about cosmetics.
  97. iCompact - reviews of cosmetics and beauty products, message board, newsletter, and beauty bookstore.
  98. Kevyn Aucoin - official site. Includes career highlights, personal portfolio, products, and beauty tips from the makeup artist and stylist to stars and supermodels.
  99. Lipstick Page, The - add your old favorites to the lipstick library or find new shades that will work for you.
  100. Make Me Up - offers beauty tips, cosmetic reviews, a message board, links, and more.
  101. Make Up Q & A - virtual make over counseling session.
  102. Makeup 411 - offers a range of beauty information, including celebrity beauty breakdowns, and product reviews.
  103. Makeup Advice - for girls and women who love cosmetics. Learn how to apply makeup and choose colors.
  104. Makeupalley - features product reviews, top picks, cosmetics swap, and a message board.
  105. Nail Art Gallery - nail art from various designers.
  106. Not Too Pretty - consumer opinion on the harmful side-effects of phthalates, or industrial chemicals that are used in skin care products.
  107. - beauty & grooming looks for women, men, teens,and brides, including trends and accessories.
  108. FHM: Bikini Heaven - searching for the planet's sexiest unknown beauty by country. Includes pictures, interviews, and video of each finalist.
  109. National Geographic Magazine: Swimsuits: 100 Years of Pictures - includes photo gallery of swimsuit history, postcards, and desktop wallpaper.
  110. Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine - photo gallery and info on fitness and fashion.
  111. Bow Brummell - where cyber-ians learn the manly art of tying a bow tie.
  112. Bowtie Home Page - includes pictures and instructions on how to tie one.
  113. Cufflinks and Bow Ties - offers information on cufflinks, bow ties, neck ties, and formal vests.
  114. How To Tie A Tie - primer on how to tie a tie for the fashion challenged.
  115. Kollectors of Nasty Old Ties (K.N.O.T.) - for enthusiasts of vintage neckwear.
  116. Kruzlifix's History of the Bow Tie
  117. Necktie Repository, The - includes photographs and step-by-step instructions on how to tie a necktie and don a tie tack.
  118. How To Tie a Tie - guide to necktie knots including four-in-hand, Windsor, Half Windsor, and bow tie styles.
  119. Tie Guide - provides information on tying, caring, wearing, and buying ties.
  120. Tie Yourself in Knots - a survival guide for necktie wearers. History, psychology, the art of tie knots, and make your own tie.
  121. Ugly Tie Museum - home of Les Cravates du Mal, with monthly gallery.
  122. Sarees for Men - a brief article by Dr. Jyotsna Kamat.
  123. Sari Magic - sarees from India with explanatory text.
  124. Sari, The - overview of how the sari has evolved from Draupadi to its current fashion trends. Also includes a series of diagrams, with explanatory text, on how to wear a sari.
  125. Beautiful Japanese Kimono - features directions on tying various styles of obi, as well as photographs of kimono.
  126. Black Moon: Kimono - online exhibition of kimono dating from the late Edo period to the present.
  127. Homage to Nature: Landscape Kimonos of Itchiku Kubota - gallery of Kubota's designs.
  128. Kabuki Academy: Kimono Dressing - explains the history and customs of wearing a kimono.
  129. Kimono - offers a brief history of the kimono.
  130. Range of Vision: Japanese Kimono - one man's observations on the traditions wearing kimono.
  131. Weaving & the Japanese Kimono - 1998 feature on kimono and Japanese textiles.
  132. History of Kimono, A - online exhibition exploring the types of kimono worn throughout Japanese history.
  133. Kidsweb: Kimono - features history, details about the occasions for wearing various styles, and a chance to design one's own virtual kimono.
  134. African Hair - dedicated to Afro American style and culture.
  135. All About Hair - includes hairstyles, hair products, chemistry, F.A.Q's, and links to salons and hairstylists.
  136. Black Hairstyles - articles and pictures of hairstyles for African American women.
  137. Exploring Online: Better Hair Through Chemistry - explores the art and science of human hair. From the Exploratorium.
  138. Feathered Back Hair Site, The - offers a wide variety of pictures of women with the distinctive feathered look.
  139. Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair
  140. Hair News Com - reference and resource site dedicated to the art and science of hair. Serves consumers and hair care professionals.
  141. Hair World - provides industry news, product information, and directory of salons.
  142. HairArt International - offers tips and tricks, seminar and show listings, product reviews, and more.
  143. - directory of hair related websites.
  144. Hairport - Ines Rae is collecting anecdotes about hair nightmares or fantasies as part of a Year of the Artist project.
  145. - includes hair style photos, tips, and advice for African American hair.
  146. Heaven and Earth - offers resources for the professional hairstylist, including education, chat, and events calendar.
  147. History of Barbering - offered by the Lavallete Barber Shop.
  148. JerkyFlea's Celebrity Hair Spray - giving you a firm, yet manageable hold on celebrity hair news.
  149. Jesus Had Short Hair - biblical analysis dispelling the belief that Jesus had long hair.
  150. L'Oreal Hair Science - offers answers to questions about hair composition, growth, loss, colors, and shapes, and different types of hair throughout the world.
  151. Ladies Home Journal: Hair - offers advice on color, styling, problems, treatments, products, and haircuts.
  152. - features tips, product suggestions, commiserations and more for women who've spent years fighting their curly hair and finally come to accept and love it.
  153. Seven Sutherland Sisters - history and photos of the sisters from Lockport, NY, who were famous for their very long hair.
  154. Short-Haired Femme of the Week - features a weekly pic and image gallery.
  155. Snip Magazine - international hair magazine for hair stylists and their clients.
  156. UK Hair Dressers - features information on stylists and hair care.